Last Layer of Analysis

by Spontaneous Respiration

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Detailed, dense, intense, intelligent, insanely playful, yet surprisingly gentle, the music of Spontaneous Respiration catalyzes a stronger connection with the eternal for the listener...


released May 1, 2007

All songs composed, arranged, and produced by Ben Marcus. Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 mixed by Ben Marcus and Ryan Breen. Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE.

Ben Marcus
Mike Bell
Andrew Jones
Rob Moore
Jared Bell
Ryan Breen
Dave Moroney
Jacob Koller
Jacob Adler
Robin Vining
Keely Grigel
Celeste Smith
Kit Vanderjagt
Anne Morgan
Vicki Onyeabor
Sarah Moore
Nina Moran

Sleeve design by Michele Nunes
Butterfly photos by Nidaa Aboulhosn

Artforms in Nature images by Ernst Haeckel

Thanks to all family, friends, and music people.



all rights reserved


Spontaneous Respiration San Francisco, California

We believe that music connects us with the eternal, and fills the void with meaning.

Genres vary from electro-tinged psychedelic indie-folk to maximalist-idm.

Dirty Projectors and Sufjan Stevens meet Björk and Aphex Twin, with touches of Nine Inch Nails, Tchaikovsky, and the kitchen sink. Surprises abound.

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Track Name: Consuming & Communicating
And now I’ve seen too much suck let’s stick around/to stick around
Don’t want to/Let’s go unravel the universe anymore/some more!
Track Name: Conscious Override
Embrace the craziness/dissonance

Let go of your anchors and your wings if you have to
Embrace it and let it go
Don’t fuck up
Let it fuck you up

And if it hurts the music can save you
Louder if you have to

Infinitely so until it doesn’t help and you’re worthless
Driving as fast as you can with the music as loud as you can
It will never be enough

Even late at night
Even for a second it won’t be enough
And you’ll have to
Stab the earth repeatedly until you’re beautiful again
With the blood on your teeth and on your skin

Still stuck behind the wheel
You cannot escape to your fantasy and fantasy and fantasy end fantasy

You’ll never feel alive
Not til the permanent fantasy your dreams cannot provide
And stab the earth til you’re beautiful
With love on your teeth and on your skin
And the beautiful colors it makes of blood out of gaping holes in heads

ok, bring me down softly
Just once touch me softly my cure
Please let me be infantile and weak and not pathetic in that bad way
Track Name: Ripening Mating Call & Response
Synergistic entanglements
With the compatible/combatable powerful
Your teeth you are longing to share

I do not weaken
I have nothing to defend
I do not get stuck in the motions of emotion
I have not yet fallen in the ocean

Listen to your fingers on my skin
So warm and electric
(surrender) only you think you’re awake
do you remember (so tender)

genetic memories
let you unravel me
we fall in to our roles/holes
as if rehearsed
and later reversed

somehow I’m the weak one
Track Name: The Indecipherable Book of Nonsense or Let's Burn a Shit-Ton of Coal so We Can Have Some Really Bright Fucking Lights
Plateau’s edge looks like a cliff
Before the peak all you can see is the sky

And I already know this
Tell me what I can do about it
Still I climb this mountain
I’m so heavy/happy
Track Name: Give Up Hope for a Better Past
Everyday’s someone’s first/last
In between chapters
Captured in whirlwinds/the world wins

Tell me life is more than a collection of memories/experiences
Substance in sufferance
Sustenance in endurance

Stretching and connecting
I feel like a seam
I was awake so long ago
That seems like the dream

And release is just an eyelash away
Track Name: Song to Break Stereos
I pretend that I can call you
So we can pretend
Our fingers are phone cords coiled

But my fingers are wrapped around guts
There is no way that I can communicate
I try to make cell phone waves

I’m a satire of myself